Q1. What is the mind?

The mind is what thinks! The mind can be helpful or harmful. If the mind has poor habits, it will have negative feelings towards others. If we make the effort to train the mind to improve itself, the thoughts will be more good-natured and loving towards others and ourselves.

Q2. How can mind improve?

The mind can purify itself. A part of the mind is always observing what is happening and it can do the task of improving the mind. If it learns to observe things as they are, then it will understand that when there are negative thoughts or emotions, the mind is distressed. As this observing part of the mind becomes stronger, the reacting parts of the mind become weaker. The mind becomes more pure and the suffering is removed.

Q3. How can Anapana help?

You observe the breath coming in and going out, without allowing any other thoughts. Usually when pleasant thoughts come in the mind, we want something, and with unpleasant thoughts, there is dislike. But when we are simply observing the breath, even for a few moments, there are no negativities polluting the mind. As these moments of purity become longer, the mind gradually becomes cleaner. It is initially at the surface level, but this prepares you to later practise Vipassana meditation, which will clean down to the roots.